The old adage, you are what you eat has never been truer than it is today. As a society, we have become nations of corruption. And I’m just talking about our food. What we agree to put into our bodies for the sake of convenience and manufactured flavor is akin to poisoning ourselves on purpose.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are happy, but are we?

Look around, we may be living longer and yes medicine has come a long way, but are we healthy? Is the quality of our lives what it should be? Are we relying on surgeries and drugs to sustain us?

What if all we really had to do was eat healthily? Don’t misread this. I am not saying food is a cure-all, especially when asking it to reverse decades of damage. But they say our whole cell structure renews itself every seven years. What if over the next seven years you ate for health and gave your body the nutrients it needed to give you the best cell renewal possible.

At Raw Food Boot Camp I have seen amazing changes in women who had lost all hope. Not just in terms of obesity but with chronic pain and inflammation. All because they changed how they ate. Dr. Dean Ornish’s programs on using diet to reverse vascular disease are now covered by Medicare. And yet, we keep eating to destroy our health instead of renewing it.

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As a society, we must change and we must show the importance of that change to our children so that new generations don’t suffer all the pain, cancer and illness currently plaguing our nations.

It’s time to eat to become. To become the best we can be moving forward.

I recommend a whole food plant-based diet. Even a mostly plant-based diet can work wonders. Give up convenience for health. Add more fruits and veggies to your table and hand your children whole fruits as snacks.

You don’t have to become vegan to benefit from a whole foods diet. You can eat animal proteins, but healthy animal protein, lean animal protein. Instead of having that big fatty steak or hamburger change how you see animal products fitting into your lifestyle. Use them as condiments to your mostly plant-based diet.

It is never too late to change your diet and lifestyle. All healthy eating can do is improve your life. Even if that is just a little, isn’t it worth it?