Do you want to bake this holiday season and are afraid you don’t have the resolve to not eat what you bake? Join the club.

Holiday baking for most is a family tradition. You want to work with your kids rolling out, cutting out and decorating those cookies. You want to bring grandma’s favorite pie to the festivities.

But you’re dieting or you’ve gone vegan.

And now the holiday’s don’t feel the same.

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Why not bake for fun? Baking is art. It’s a creative skill. It’s laborious and takes patience to perfect. The holidays are your showcase. Your private gallery.

Licking the spoon, eating the dough, these can be left for the kids. For you, enjoy the process. That’s the memory you want to relive right?

You can do this without eating and ruining your diet. It’s all a matter of mindset. If you see it as a creative outlet, something to do for fun or out of family commitment, you can get past the temptation to eat it.

It’s a science project. You pour this into that, cream this with that, pour it into a dish and bake.

Decorating is turning your baked good into a canvas. The icing your paint.

The dough is the clay, the thing you bake.

When you put it all together it’s your masterpiece. Something to show off, to present.

You are an artist.

Can you imagine Pablo Picasso licking his canvas? Hmm, maybe you could? I digress.

There are all these new baking shows on TV now like Sugar Rush and The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell. People don’t watch them for how the end products taste, they watch them for the art created. There’s even a show called Halloween Wars that uses carved pumpkins, cake and mostly blown or molded sugar. The creations are amazing. It’s art. Not food.

Thinking of baking this way can get you through those holiday traditions and allow you to pass them on to your children. Remember, it’s all mindset. If you think art and not food, then baking can become fun again.

Mix it. Bake it. Decorate it. Stand back and admire it. Then present it.

Let your critics do the eating.

Enjoy the praise and get through the holidays without gaining weight or losing your love of baking.

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Carlene is editor and publisher at Health Foodist. In 2005, she lost 136 lbs in 9 months using a raw food diet and hiking. Pressured by women following her journey she opened Raw Food Boot Camp® and has been helping obese women find health and success with raw and/or whole foods. Listen to her podcasts at Change With Carlene


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